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We are now on GitHub!

Needless to say, this step was long overdue. You may now download all of my source codes, follow my development, fork my software and collaborate with me on my official GitHub repo.

This blog will still get updated, but only with public releases.

packARC v0.7RC17 update

Incorporating the new LGPL licensed packMP3 library, packARC (with packMP3 support!) is now also licensed under the LGPL. The other major change in this version is the inclusion of the MultiArc friendly list format, a modification that was requested by Pavel Krejčí. Get it from the usual place:

packARC v0.7RC17

What’s new:

  • updated packMP3 library to new version (now licensed under LGPL v3)
  • packARC is now open source under the terms of the LGPL v3
  • added MultiArc friendly file list format
  • some minor bugfixes

For anyone looking to add packARC support to non GPL projects, the new licensing under the LGPL should be quite a big change.

packARC v0.7RC16 update

Alright, I guess this fixes all remaining known problems:

packARC v0.7RC16

What’s new:

  • improved/fixed temp file handling in Linux
  • fixed some more possible file name creation bugs

Some testing is still needed – that’s why this is not called final :-).

packARC v0.7RC15 update

And here’s the first actual software update for this site:

packARC v0.7RC15

What’s new:

  •  improved Linux compilation script (actually working now)
  •  added Linux 32bit executable (‘packARC.lxe’)
  •  updated all compression libraries to their newest versions
  •  fixed some Linux specific stuff
  •  fixed a bug in SFX file name creation

This may or may not fix the problems earlier encountered with Matt Mahoney’s 10GB corpus. For more info you may also take a look at the thread.