And here it is: An incomplete list of useful links in the WWW. Also: Sorry. I’m almost sure I forgot something important when putting this together, but if I did, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message using the contact form.

Matthias Stirner on GitHub
You may now download all of my source codes, follow my development, fork my software and collaborate with me on my official GitHub repo. See you there!
These amazing folks allow me to run this blog on their server. You may also find all the important stuff going on in the world of data compression and be able to get in contact with some interesting people.

Apart from running the worlds most complete and up to date data compression benchmarkt, Stephan Busch is a great guy who has helped me in so many aspects of my development that I’m sure I’ll never be able to thank him enough.

packJPG / packMP3 Options
For all the command line illiterates among us, Michael Lee has put together a great graphical user interface for packJPG and packMP3. Also be sure to take a look at his other great tools.

Roman Hiestand put together another graphical user interface for packJPG, but this time also enabled multi threaded processing. Meaning: For the typical user, this will do the same work that packJPG does, but much faster and with a more beautiful interface.

Data Compression by Matt Mahoney
Matt Mahoney has always been a great inspiration. He is the developer of the worlds best data compression application called PAQ. Be sure to check out his data compression homepage if you want to give it a try.

10GB Compression Benchmark
Also from the hands of Matt Mahoney comes the 10GB corpus, a set of files designed to test data compression software under real world conditions.

Image Compression Benchmark
Here you will find a collection of various images for testing of image compression software. The website also contains benchmarks based on this corpus for various popular image compression algorithms.

Official home of packJPG
The former official website of packJPG, hosted by the friendly folks at HTW Aalen University. A bit out of date nowadays, but you may still find some interesting information.
My personal website. Still under construction!

HTW Aalen University
My interest in data compression, and also my development of packJPG started in HTW Aalen University, so if you’re using my tools you may have to thank them for everything.

Ratisbon University
packMP3 was developed not in Aalen, but in Ratisbon where I studied Computer Science (M.A.). Check their homepage out for another good place to study in germany.

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